Episode 42: Survivalism and Spirituality with Danny Graves from Naked and Afraid

Welcome to the 42nd episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

Danny Graves c/o Discovery +

In this Episode, Enku and Anjel chat with Danny Graves  who is currently featured on Season 15 of Naked and Afraid. In this episode, we discuss how spirituality and survivalism intersect for Danny and help to empower him in his survival skills. We also talk about our own survival situations we’ve been in as well as some poisonous plants that Danny got to know well in the arid regions of South Africa. We also talk a bit about embodiment and how it felt to be naked on television for a nationally syndicated show. Still waiting for Danny to start OnlyDans.



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Show Notes

Naked and Afraid on Discovery 

Naked and Afraid Season 15 Episode 4

Euphorbiaceae of South Africa

The three most abundant tree Euphorbia species of the Transvaal (South Africa)

How Toxic are Euphorbes 

Euphorbia spp. contain blistering compounds that directly irritate the skin, mucous membranes, and gastrointestinal tract on contact.1 The toxic compounds are diterpenoid euphorbol esters that activate protein kinase C, which causes cytoskeletal damage and enzyme dysfunction.1

Mother of Thousands 

Mystic South 

You’re Wrong About -Chris McCandless with Blair Braverman


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