Who’s in Bloom-Lilac

Welcome to the forth episode in our Patreon mostly series, Who’s in Bloom.

Victorian area advertisement for the Brownsville Mercantile found at Linn County Museum

In this episode of who’s in bloom for the main RSS feed, Anjel talks about being in love with lilacs and how they are the triple threat of the flowers. They go into a bit about lilacs through history as well as some of the famous gardens in the US and also suggest some recipes to use lilacs in if you happen to be lucky enough to live near one. Music is sampled from the Euphonia from the Deepwood Estates.

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Show Notes

4 reasons you should grow Lilacs

Hulda Klagar Garden 

World’s Largest Lilac Collection 

Royal Botanical Gardens Canada

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival

Lilacs at the Friends of Horticultural Farm in Burlington, VT. 

Foster Lilac

kombucha with lilac and Blueberry

This poem is entitled Lilac bush


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