Episode 44: Breath

Welcome to the 44th episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

Breath bender by Anjel

For the inaugural episode with Daniel joining as a co-host, the three of us discuss the topic of breath from each of our own unique perspectives and expertise. Anjel talks about yoga and their practice of breath work and pranayama, Daniel talks about breath from an anatomical and vocal training perspective, and Enku talks about mindfulness meditation and breath as well as clean air inequality and how racism and classism intersects with the issue of clean air. We also talk a bit about the different locations we each hail from and how having a podcast based out of three different locations is something we are excited to bring to our listeners.



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Show Notes


Boyle’s Law

Mammals can breathe through their intestines

Thich Nhat Hanh

Headspace Meditation App

Scott Cunningham


Wim Hof Breathing Method 

Holotrophic Breathing 

Completely Arbortrary Podcast

World Forestry Center 

Missoula Smokejumper Visitor Center

Mystic South 

Witchy Workshops


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