Episode 20: It’s All Coming Up Roses

Episode 20: It’s all coming up Roses!

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

Roses from the International Test garden In Portland
Roses from the International Test garden In Portland

In this episode, Enku and Anjel discuss Roses, the biology and history of these iconic flowers, magical associations, how roses have been used as symbols throughout history and even some ways to incorporate roses into your kitchen witchery and spell work. At the end of the episode, we host a promo for one of our favorite fellow witchy podcasts: That Witch Life.

We also discuss new updates to the Patreon, including rewards that Enku will be contributing through his herbal products business, Goat and Thistle.


Show Notes

Storm Faerywolf’s Books

Nadia’s Initiative

Oldest Rose Bush- Thousand Year Old Rose in Hildesheim Germany

Tombstone Museum and the Largest Rose in the World

Alchemical Tarot

Bread and Roses Song

Blackthorn’s Botanical Magick

Kombucha Alchemy- Episode 4

Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch: Mastering the Five Arts of Old World Witchery by Raven Grimassi


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