Episode 19: Big Tree Energy

Episode 19: Big Tree Energy

Welcome to the 19th episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

Big Tree Energy

In this episode, we welcome Enku to the show as a co-host, and talk about big trees, the ones we’ve visited, how they were important to us personally in our practice, and how they’ve influenced cultures all over the world. We also talk about seeking out big trees, share some stories of specific big trees and also how you can help save big trees.

We also discuss new updates to the Patreon, including rewards that Enku will be contributing through his herbal products business, Goat and Thistle.


Show Notes

Live Oaks of Louisiana

Big Tree Seeker FB community

Sky Lake near Belzoni, MS

Valley of the Giants

Pando – the largest and oldest organism is an aspen tree

Humongous Fungus in the Malheur National Forest.

Cahokia Woodhenge

Wild Witches Episode on Jungian Archetypes

Oldest Bonsai Trees

Correction: The Tree survived the bomb at Hiroshima, not Nagasaki


Hyperion- The Tallest Tree in the World

Why you should skip seeing Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world

General Sherman

Methuselah Trail

Largest Bald Cypress tree- Longwood Florida killed in fire

Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones -Book

Finding the Mother Tree

Timber wars Podcast

Henry Ford and the decimation of Cypress Swamps

The Big Trees of Quinault Lake

Oldest Ginkgo Tree

Was Gingko Saved by Monasteries?

Ancient Yew Trees of Europe

Under the Witching Tree

Heritage Trees of Oregon

Historic Trees of Georgia

Old Growth Forest Network

Ancient Forest Alliance


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