Ep 59: Conspirituality with Matthew Remski

Welcome to the 59th episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

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In this episode, Anjel gets the chance to interview Matthew Remski one of the 3 co-hosts of the Conspirituality Podcast about their book and podcast. Content warning for discussions of cult dynamics, sexual abuse and discussions of the dark sorted past of Yoga. 


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Show Notes

Show Notes

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Conspirituality on Apple Podcasts

Conspirituality: How New Age Conspiracy Theories Became a Health Threat  – June 13, 2023 by Derek Beres (Author), Matthew Remski (Author), Julian Walker (Author)

How the ‘Plandemic’ Movie and Its Falsehoods Spread Widely Online

Ex-Goop Contributor Kelly Brogan Brings Her COVID Denialism to Alt-Right Haven Telegram

Terror, Love and Brainwashing: Attachment in Cults and Totalitarian Systems

Alexandra Stein

The Conspirituality of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Unification Church 

A Timeline of the Nxivm Sex Cult Case

104: Leaving Ramtha’s Ranch (w/Cortney & Shana)

Yoga’s “Queen of Conspiracy Theories”: Part 1 REDUX  Imperfect Paradise

Heal Your Nervous System: Kundalini Yoga for Spinal Health

Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan Paperback – January 8, 2020


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