Wild Witches Episode 7: Dungeons and Dragons and the Satanic Panic at Orycon 2021

Wild Witches Episode 7: Dungeon and Dragons and the Satanic Panic with Puppy and Sean at Orycon 2021
from the Chick Track

For this episode in the Wild Witch Series, Anjel share a recording from a presentation on Dungeons and Dragons and the Satanic Panic presented at Orycon 2021 with the help of their spouse, Puppy and their friend Sean. Content warning for descriptions of child abuse and language association with sexual abuse as well as mentions of child abuse and rape. Mind you that next to none of the allegations turned out to have any validity but I wanted to mention this incase any of our listeners are sensitive to this sort of topic, so listener discretion is advised. In this episode we discuss the history of the Satanic Panic and how it intersected with the fantasy tabletop role playing game Dungeon and Dragons, and how this continues to have reverberations even today. Before we get to the episode, Anjel talks about updates to the Pateron, so check out the Science Witch Podcast on Patreon.

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Show Notes

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Anduhyaun Emergency Shelter

Support the Chinook Traditional Foods Program

Buy Native List – Beyond Buckskin

The podcast You’re Wrong about has a hilarious podcast series where the co-host reads the book Michelle Remembers that I highly recommend.

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Flashback: SLAYER Talks About Satanism While On Tour With A Priest In 1989

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When Geraldo Rivera took on Satanism (and a very confused Ozzy Osbourne)

Cults That Never Were: The Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare (SRAS)

The Geraldo Rivera apology

What to Know About Pizzagate, the Fake News Story With Real Consequences

Blood Hersey, otherwise known as Blood Libel


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