Episode 46: Queer Joy with the Queer Witch

Welcome to the 46th episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

Take Care of Each Other by the Queer Witch

For this episode of the Science Witch Podcast, Enku and Anjel talk to the Queer.Witch on Instagram about their art, being a disabled queer person through the dynamic, how to find queer joy in this world that seems to constantly be under threat by Christian Nationalists, and even talk a little bit about the Orca revolt. Anjel and Daniel introduce the episode and Daniel talks about their connection with Zooey Zephyr and the fight for trans rights in this country. They also talk a bit about all the new stuff on Patreon.



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Transcripts for this episode can be found here. Transcripts for the intro outro are found here.


Show Notes

Zooey Zephyr on Twitter

Silenced transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr: What to know

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