Episode 17: Here’s to you Dr. Wolverton

Episode 16: Reclaiming the Colorado

Welcome to the 17th episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

Some of my own house plant collection.

In this solo episode, Anjel does a deep dive into houseplants and speaks about a cherished science mentor that made them the science witch they are today. Also discussed in this podcast is some liturgy about Ninkasi as well as updates to the Pateron.

Before the interview, I talk about new additions and updates to our Patreon page.

Special thanks to our episode sponsors, Cricket and Iris Magical Botanicals.


Show Notes

Plants Clean Air and Water for Indoor Environments

Dr. Wolverton’s environmental consulting company- Wolverton Environmental

How to Grow Fresh Air by Bill Wolverton

Problematic House Plant Names

What’s in a Name? Why We Won’t Use T. zebrina’s Common Name

How to make an easy macramé plant sling

Beginners Guide to Houseplants by Beverly Hill

Houseplants that Heal by by J W Adams

Giese, M., U. Bauer-Doranth, C. Langebartels and H. Sandermann, Jr., ‘Detoxification of formaldehyde by the spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum L.) and by soybean (Glycine max L.) cell suspension cultures,’ Plant Physiology, 1994, 104:1301-1309. 

Orwell, Ralph L., et al. “Removal of benzene by the indoor plant/substrate microcosm and implications for air quality.” Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 157.1-4 (2004): 193-207.

Ege, Markus Johannes, et al. “Prenatal exposure to a farm environment modifies atopic sensitization at birth.” Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 122.2 (2008): 407-412.

Gehring, Ulrike, et al. “Beta (1–> 3)-glucan in house dust of German homes: housing characteristics, occupant behavior, and relations with endotoxins, allergens, and molds.” Environmental Health Perspectives 109.2 (2001): 139.

Shoemaker, Candice A., et al. “Relationships between plants, behavior, and attitudes in an office environment.” HortTechnology 2.2 (1992): 205-206.

Wolverton, B. C. How To Grow Fresh Air, Penguin Books, New York, 1997

Wolverton, B. C., Rebecca C. McDonald, and E. A. Watkins. “Foliage plants for removing indoor air pollutants from energy-efficient homes.” Economic Botany38.2 (1984): 224-228.


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