Deity Deep Dives: Heqet

Welcome to the forth episode in our Patreon mostly series, Deity Deep Dives.

Art of Heqet by Anjel

In this special edition of Deity Deep Dives we are releasing on the main RSS feed , Anjel talks about Heqet, the ancient Egyptian frog headed goddess, that is associated with fertility, childbirth and transformation. In this episode, Anjel discusses the connection with Heqet with the Goddess Hecate and how frogs have long been associated with witches in part thanks to this connection. They also talk a bit about threats that are causing the decline of frog populations all over the world, with several conservation organizations to help save frogs found in the show notes. Music is by Sweet Hammer.

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Show Notes

Leann Hanson

Save the Frogs

Amphibian Conservation through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums


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