Deity Deep Dives Ep 2- Brigid

Deity Deep Dives: Brigid

Welcome to the second episode in our Patreon mostly series, Deity Deep Dives.

Art of Seshat by Anjel

In this special edition of Deity Deep Dives we are releasing on the main RSS feed for Imbolc, Enku relays stories of Brigid, Goddess and Saint in Ireland. In this episode of our Patreon mostly series, he talks about Brigid’s mythology in both ancient Ireland and her Christian counterpart, as well as where some of her sacred sites are. He also talks about how best to celebrate the holiday of Imbolc and what ways you can invite the Goddess into your home during this sabbot that is the midpoint between solstice and the equinox.

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Show Notes

Brigid’s Well in Kildare

Brigid’s Fire 

St Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare Town

Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess by Courtney Weber

How to make a Brigid’s Cross 

How to make a Corn Dolly 


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