Episode 31: D&D and modern mythmaking with Puppy

Episode 31: D&D and modern mythmaking with Puppy

Welcome to the 31st episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

In this episode, Enku and Anjel interview Anjel’s spouse and nesting partner, Puppy, about his favorite pastime and now budding career as a game master for tabletop roleplaying game, namely Dungeon and Dragons. In this conversation, they discuss the current popularity of this once niche and nerdy activity with shows like Stranger Things and Vox Machina and dive into some of  D&D and gamer culture’s problematic past. They talk about the art of being a dungeon master/game master (DM/GM) and how this has influenced Puppy’s spirituality and collaborative storytelling practice. 

Before the interview, we discuss more updates over at the Patreon page.

Transcript for the interview portion is available here.


Show Notes

Puppy’s Start Playing Page

Mazes and Monsters

Gary Gygax

Steve Jackson Games


Lord Of The Rings’ Complicated Legal History With Dungeons & Dragons

When the Teacher is the Dungeon Master

The Surprising Educational Benefits of Dungeons and Dragons

Dimension 20

Critical Role

Inside Joe Manganiello’s Epic Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Deborah Ann Woll Launches New Ongoing Dungeons & Dragons Show


D&D Beyond

D&D Must Grapple With the Racism in Fantasy

Play D&D in VR with digital tabletop platform Dungeon Full Dive

D&D in AR- Mirrorscape


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