Wild Witches Episode 6: Furry and the Occult with Triad Fox at #BLFC2021

Wild Witches Episode 6: Furry and the Occult with Triad Fox at Biggest Little Fur Con 2021
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For this episode in the Wild Witch Series, Anjel share a recording from a presentation on Furry and the Occult at Biggest Little Fur Con, in Reno Nevada this past October with their partner, Triad Fox. In this presentation we discuss the history of anthropomorphic deities and share mythology and iconography of anthropomorphic deities in several pantheons across human history including Khemetic, Vedic and Pre-Christian Europe. We then open up the discussion and invite participants to consider the idea that furry can have a spiritual dimension and discuss ways in which creativity found in the fandom is an expression of divinity. We have included audio from the discussion part as well as the presentation file over on our Patreon for free, so if you are interested in hearing the extended discussion and seeing the artwork of the deities we discussed, check out the Science Witch Podcast on Patreon.

Show Notes

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