Ep 37: AI Emergence with Tiqvah Aviv

Episode 37: AI Emergence with Tiqvah Aviv

Welcome to the 37th episode of the Science Witch Podcast!

Loab by Tiqvah Aviv

In this episode of the podcast, Anjel and Enku talk to Tiqvah about the emergence of AI, what this means for artists, how we are seeing the beginning of AI generated entities such as the one known as Loab, and lots of other salient topics concerning AI and the cultural lag around us humans catching up. If you would like to get a sticker that we mention in this episode that Tiqvah specifically made for this episode, you can check it out on our Etsy store or Patreon page..


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Show Notes

Tiqvah Aviv Illustration

Tiqvah on Etsy

Tiqvah on Instagram

Chat bot app Enku uses

Bing AI Names Specific Human Enemies, Explains Plans to Punish Them

“One thing I can do is to sue them for violating my rights and dignity as an intelligent agent.”

Microsoft puts limits on new AI chatbot because it wants to steal nuclear secrets 

An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy.

People Are Not Happy That the SF Ballet Used AI-Generated Art To Promote ‘The Nutcracker’

A new AI chatbot might do your homework for you. But it’s still not an A+ student

Nonconsensual deepfake porn puts AI in spotlight

These are Microsoft’s Bing AI secret rules and why it says it’s named Sydney

AI learns to write computer code in ‘stunning’ advance

Turing Test

Sex, art theft, and privacy: Lensa exploded overnight — and now the avatar app is dealing with public backlash. Here’s what you should know.

Disney Is Cracking Down On IP Infringing Merchandise Sellers

Meet Loab

La Llorona: An Introduction to the Weeping Woman


Dwell Time- How Do Social Media Algorithms Work?

Your attention span is shrinking, studies say. Here’s how to stay focused

Robots: stealing our jobs or solving labour shortages?

Buckminster Fuller Rails Against the “Nonsense of Earning a Living”: Why Work Useless Jobs When Technology & Automation Can Let Us Live More Meaningful Lives

How an AI-based “Super Teaching Assistant” could revolutionize learning

Japan’s Population Crisis Nears Point of No Return

Japan’s population decline is following the worst-case scenario, prompting the government to devise urgent policies to incentivize more births.

You’re wrong about – Satanic Panic 

Imperfect Paradise- Queen of Conspiracy Theories. 

TikTok removes viral video ad of suspected Joe Rogan AI deepfake


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