Deity Deep Dives Ep 1: Seshat, Egyptian Goddess of Math and Science

Deity Deep Dives: Seshat

Welcome to the first episode in our Patreon exclusive series, Deity Deep Dives.

Art of Seshat by Anjel

In this inaugural episode of Deity Deep Dives, a Patreon mostly series, Anjel testifies their devotion to Seshat, Egyptian Goddess of math and science and “she who is foremost in the house of books”. This episode is one part information about the Goddess Seshat and one part personal gnosis as Anjel shares their devotional practice and how it has inspired this podcast and their scientific aspirations. This episode is also a dedication to Anjel’s tarot teacher, friend and mentor, Richard Stratton who passed away around this time in 2020. Anjel shares a poem written by Richard about Egypt as they bonded in their love of the Goddess of books and record keeping.

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Show Notes

Complete Gods and Goddess of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson.

last remaining old growth cypress swamps in the world

Queen Mother Imaku

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